Lip Service: My 4 FAV Lip Brands

Hey Kurvy gals! I am so excited to share my Top 4 Fav Lip Brands. I always get asked where I get my lipstick from, so here goes!

(Numbered in order left to right)

#1) Stila "Stay All Day" Lipstick $24 (Find @ Ulta)

Why it's in my bag: long wearing, long lasting, matte finish (my fav finish) Should be named stay all damn day...because it does!


#2) Mac Lipstick $16 (specifically in Royal Matte--I love during the Fall) (Find @ MAC)

Why it's in my bag: O.M.G. this color. I love this brand for its great color choices. Tip: apply foundation or primer over your lips before adding this lipstick for longer wear.

#3) Too Faced Melted Lipstick $21 (Find @ Sephora)

Why it's in my bag: Again with the color! The vibrant tones get me every time! I also love the fact that this brand just launched melted lipsticks in Chocolate! YUM!

#4 Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick $8 (Find @ Target)

Why it's in my bag: Great find! Great price! Add a lip pencil first, then fill in. I was very surprised about the intense color. The variety isn't there just yet in color choices, but hey, they have great Reds, and that's all I need :)


What other choices should have made the list? Let me know below! xoxo-Sierra

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