How I live my life in #Bloom with the help of Macy's


BLOOM is the first women's fragrance designed by Gucci's Allesandro Michele. I had the pleasure of working with Coty Fragrances for the launch in our local Macy's stores. When I tell you they rolled out the red carpet for this launch, I mean it! From beautiful product packaging to ring lighting, I felt like I was playing a role in a upscale, high end marketing campaign. I'd expect nothing less from Gucci or Coty Fragrances! My amazing contact Jessica, was professional yet approachable and clearly invested in making sure no detail was left to chance. They even wore Gucci inspired outfits! Her team was ready to talk all things Gucci Bloom with their clients, and I was ready to tell my story.

I had the privilege of sitting on a panel with three other women who, on an everyday basis, live their lives in full bloom. When I was asked to tell how I do the same, this was my reply.

I’m currently living my life in full bloom. To be my authentic self, focusing on my dreams, and talking to all of you....I’m blooming.
— Sierra Holmes

I'm blooming. I took a second to think about that statement, and I was proud to say it out loud. I am blooming! I'm working on my dreams, spending time with women who go after their dreams and overcome life's obstacles on a daily basis. If I could inspire them, I was blooming...and that's a great feeling. To be a size 22, brown skin girl with natural hair sitting on a panel with women who accept me and advocate for women empowerment? Best. Day. Ever.

Besides having a beautiful and feminine packing, Gucci Bloom has an amazing message that sparks important conversations. I'm honored to own a bottle of this floral-scented perfume. I highly recommend heading to your local Macy's and checking it out. Tell them I sent you!

Enjoy Today!







Sierra Holmes