Loving the Skin You’re In with Shea Body Works


This post is sponsored by Shea BODYWORKS, however all opinions are my own.

I've been loving on my skin a lot lately. As I've gotten older, I'm recognizing the need for proper skin care. From facials to creams and everything in between, I'm honing in on my routine, however I've always believed proper skin care starts from within. Real talk- add more water to your daily routine and less drama to immediately jump start your skin health. Yes, drama causes stress, which can in turn cause breakouts, bumps and rashes. Save yourself the trouble girlfriend and just cut it out! Now that we've covered tips for helping your skin from the inside, let's dive into tips for helping your skin on the outside :). 

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I live for a great moisturizer. As long as I can remember, I’ve always had dry skin.  From ashy elbows to chalky ankles, my body has been begging for moisture daily. Recently, I came across Shea BODYWORKS, a natural skin and body care company. I’m always looking for products to combat dryness, so I was excited to give Shea BODYWORKS a try. Let me tell you, if you’ve ever needed a great product that will leave your skin GLOWING and soft...read on!

Why SheaBodyWorks?

The ingredients are simple. 

Shea BODYWORKS only uses the purest form of shea butter that is 100% natural, raw and unrefined. Natural Unrefined Raw Shea Butter helps with extreme dryness, scars and scrapes, among other skin issues. I broke my leg in January and have a pretty significant scar. I wanted a product that would keep my skin moisturized. This product sounded like the perfect fit for me! 

Please Note: Shea BODYWORKS products are free of Glycerin, Petroleum, Perfumes, Dyes, Mineral oil, Parabens and Cruelty-Free. Find out more about the origins of Shea BODYWORKS on their website.

My Favorite Products from Shea BODYWORKS

Happy Hands and Feet Balm 

I keep this product in my bag and love it so much! Trust me, if you plan on wearing sandals this Summer, you need this balm. A little bit goes a long way too! This magical product comes in several scents like lavender, orange and peppermint. My favorite was the orange scent, perfect for Summer! Not a scent person? They’ve got you covered too- there’s an unscented version too! 


Blissfully Body Shine

Though you can definitely use the Happy Hands and Feet Balm for your entire body, I would suggest snagging the Blissfully Body Shine for your all over body needs. This oil based body cream goes a long way, making you look like a golden goddess all Summer long. Grab that off-the shoulder dress girl! Blissfully Body Shine has your back...literally!

There’s Hair Care Too!

Listen, having four naturally curly-haired people in my house with dry scalps means tons of natural hair care products have graced our bathroom countertop. When I told Saidah, the owner of Shea BODYWORKS about my daughter's curly locks, she sent over her Simple Hair Butter for us to try. Not only does it smell AH-MAZING, it made my daughter's hair feel amazing! Styling Tip: Warm the butter up a bit by rubbing it in the palm of your hands before applying to your hair. I'd also suggest working with damp hair opposed to dry hair, as a little "slip" will help the butter to dissolve into the hair easier.

Ready to check out Shea BODYWORKS for yourself? Head over to their website and try my recommendations! 

Enjoy Today!