Shower Series: OGX Review

Welcome to the first post in #ShowerSeries! I will be trying out new products and giving you my honest feedback on them! Oh...and in case you are wondering,,,yes...I am actually in the shower! Once a week I will upload a new post, talking about products I am coveting for my hair and skin. So here goes nothing :)

I'm starting off the series with OGX products. I have a fellow "curlfriend" that told me she uses this brand on her daughter, so I thought I would give it a try. After looking at the many (I mean MANY) options, I chose the Coconut line for its hydration promises. My hair can get extremely dry and anything adding moisture makes me want to do a happy dance! First up, the shampoo.

As you can see, its supposed to have coconut oil and honey in it to soften and hydrate the hair. I actually loved it! It smells AHHmazing and felt good on my curls. Surprisingly enough, I was able to run my fingers through my curls after applying this shampoo. I also liked that when I rinsed it out, my hair was dry and brittle...I could feel the difference which is uber important. By nature, I'm not a huge fan of shampoo (normally I co-wash), but once a week, this stuff may just do the trick.

The conditioner was up next...

I like to fill my hand with a silver-dollar size amount of conditioner for my hair. Again, great smelling conditioner and it clung to my natural curls. Tip: when your hair is soaking wet and full of product, grab a wide-tooth comb and get rid of the kinks in the shower! I massaged this into my scalp for about 10 minutes before washing it out. Overall, I liked the "slip" of the conditioner, and it made my hair feel super soft!

I practice the L.O.C. (lotion, oil, cream) method with my hair, so I was excited to see OGX has styling products for after shampooing and conditioning. I CANNOT say enough about this Argan Oil. It is probably my fav product from this line. It feels good, smells good, and it is lightweight, even though it is designed to deeply condition curly course hair. I even use it on my daughters curls and they feel sooooo soft afterwards. After applying a leave-in cream, this is my go-to oil. Simply section your curls and apply. Remember...a little goes a long way with oils. I finish with the Coconut Curls styling mousse. I love the definition it gives my hair, I just don't love how much you have to use to get it there. I would suggest this for really short hair...the longer it is..the more product you need. I still swear by this product though...and we go through an entire bottle every 2 weeks.

Bonus!!!! I get asked all the time what foundation I am wearing, or why my skin looks so clear. Well it's not Pond's cream! This $6 magic in a bottle has kept my face looking young and fresh for over 15 years! My mom had me use it as a kid due to having sensitive skin and I couldn't imagine not using it today. Every morning I slap this goodness on my face. I don't care what anybody says...this stuff right here...whew! You can pick it up at ANY drug store or supermarket. One bottle lasts me months, so it is super cost-effective.

Overall, I'm digging these products! What do you guys think about this series? Would you like to see more? What products would you suggest I try?

Enjoy today!





Sierra Holmes