Self Care is Skin Care with ClarityMD Med Spa

This is a sponsored post by ClarityMD Med Spa, though all opinions are my own.

I know. We hear it all the time. Self-care is taking a long bubble bath or getting a great massage. I’m not knocking relaxation, as it is extremely important to your overall self-care. Oh, and I love a good retail therapy trip as much as the next girl, but that (and the occasional bubble bath or massage) shouldn't be your only self-care fixes. 

I realized one of the areas where I really lacked self-care and self-discipline was taking care of my skin. I’ve always had sensitive skin, so I’ve kept my product usage to a minimum. I let that story be my crutch for years, plus, I’m young and Black American, giving me more supple and naturally tanned skin. Also, haven’t you ever heard the phrase “Black don’t crack”? Yea, I’ve banked on that phrase too.

It wasn’t until recently that I had to start challenging that way of thinking. I’m in my mid-thirties now and realized it was time to start getting ahead of any issues that may come with aging. When ClarityMD Med Spa reached out to me to try their services it felt like the right time to try something new, but admittedly, I was terrified. Within seconds of being excited, worry started to flood my mind thinking about all of the “what ifs”: What if my skin gets easily irritated? What if the extractions hurt? What if I have significant, irreversible sun damage? Luckily the team at ClarityMD was ready for me and all my skincare anxiety. 

Why ClarityMD Med Spa?

ClarityMD’s highly skilled, physician-lead team addresses most skin concerns with the latest cutting edge services including:

  • Acne Care

  • Cool Sculpting

  • Facial and Spa Services

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles

  • Laser Hair Removal

  • Microblading Services

  • Sun Damage...and so much more!

Looking at that impressive list of skin issues the team takes on, I felt comfortable giving them a try. They are true professionals with experience in the field! 

Vitality Plus Facial: What to Expect

I haven’t had a facial in over 7 years. This is all I could think about when I pulled up to the office for my first appointment. When I checked in at the desk, I was surprised to find out we were starting with taking photos of my clean, makeup-free face. I did keep my lipstick on, but my skin was bare. This process was key to creating a customized plan for my skincare routine. Due to my anxiety of moving forward too quickly with a huge routine, we started off with a signature facial. The Vitality Facial is for all skin types, and is the perfect introduction into the ClarityMD experience. If you get the Vitality Plus Facial, you will be transported into a relaxation state for 60 minutes. This facial also included a nice shoulder and neck massage while the mask did its thing on my skin. It was bliss.


What I Learned About My Skin

I’ve always thought my skin was sensitive and extremely dry. Turns out I have combination skin! Charisse found oil pockets all around the perimeter of my face by my forehead. I was shocked to say the least. Here I am, a 33 year old woman, finding out for the first time that my skin is both oily (in spots) and dry. Actually, I have also learned that “dry” isn’t necessarily the right word to use when describing my skin. Charisse, my fearless and flawless-skinned esthetician informed me my skin was “dehydrated”, meaning I needed to give my skin a drink of H20. Charisse put me on a simple regimen at home that included exfoiliation to decrease oil pockets around my forehead and give new skin a chance to breathe underneath. She also used steam during my facial to open my pores and allow them to soak up the moisture needed to GLOW BABY GLOW.  

Schedule your next facial and get 20% off by mentioning Eclectic Kurves!

Schedule your next facial and get 20% off by mentioning Eclectic Kurves!

Next Steps

I’m going back to visit ClarityMD Med Spa next month to try a new facial. This one will be centered around pure hydration to help combat my dehydrated skin. I can’t wait to share the results with you!

Thinking about trying a facial at ClarityMD for yourself? Mention I sent you and save 20% off your next service! You won’t regret it!

Enjoy today!

XO- Sierra

Sierra Holmes