When Style and Function Meet: Dr. Tavel launches the Ultra Collection

If you've been following the blog long enough, you know I wear glasses. Not only because they are super trendy right now, but because it's better for everyone's safety that I have them on.  Funny story- it was actually my husband that recommended I get glasses back in college. I told him he was nuts, and I didn't need them. Truth is, I kind of felt like I needed them, but had always received compliments on my eyes, and I didn't want to hide behind the frames. Back then the styles were limited, and I just couldn't get with the idea of wearing glasses all the time. **Shoutout to all the girls in the 90's and early 00's that bought glasses from Claire's to look cool. #Throwback

I searched and searched for glasses that matched my personality. It was a lot harder when I first started wearing them.

I searched and searched for glasses that matched my personality. It was a lot harder when I first started wearing them.

Fast forward to 2017, and I have been wearing them for quite a while now. Real talk, when you realize you can't see far into the distance like you used to, it's time to make that appointment and get your eyes checked. Luckily, there are so many more choices to personalize your style with your everyday eye wear. Brands are stepping outside the box and carrying very unique and cool designs. One of the coolest I have seen to date is the Ultra Limited Collection at Dr. Tavel. Recently, I had the pleasure of attending their launch party for the brand and was gifted a great pair of glasses for myself. It couldn't have come at a better time because I was on the hunt for new frames. They didn't disappoint. My first impression: COLOR!

Oh and so much color! I looked at the table and saw so many color combinations and pairings. With the help of the Dr. Tavel staff, I learned a little bit about the collection. Most importantly for me, there weren't 2 frames alike, making the pair you picked up unique! I was already sold, but loved hearing about the production of the frames. Made in Italy, the Ultra Collection is created in an "Old World" way, by applying pressure to 12 layers for 12 days, followed by heating and cooling for 14 days to strengthen the material. In the picture above, you see the finished product of this technique before frames are hand cut out of the sheets of colorful design. The entire process takes 41 days, so you know it's perfect. Pretty neat, huh?

Dr. Tavel is the exclusive retailer in the Midwest to house this collection, so make sure to pay your local store a visit and find out more about them. Available in sunglasses as well, my blogger boo Kate snagged a pair that truly fit her personality.

Blogger Kate of Into Indy

Blogger Kate of Into Indy

So I bet you are wondering which frame I chose? Big reveal coming at you in 3.....2......1......


Sophisticated, classy and fun: these frames spoke to me the minute I peeped them on the table, but were they the right glasses for me. Here are a few of my must have check off's to ensure your glasses were made for you.

1) Do they fit your face?

So important to find glasses that accentuate your face. I have a round face, so I don't like my glasses very small. I also have high cheek bones and want eyeglasses that will curve around them. These hit the mark in both areas.

2) Will the color match most of your everyday looks?

Big one here. I'm a pretty eclectic and colorful girl (duh), so I can get a lot of use out of these frames with multiple outfits. Let's just say I have more than enough style choices to make them work and leave it at that. When shopping for frames, think about your wardrobe: if bright pink or multicolored won't work everyday, you should probably get a neutral first, and a funky pair like this for special days. Dr. Tavel is always running specials, so make sure to check back often!

3) Are they durable?

Quality is everything. I was so impressed by the slow process of making the Ultra Limited frames. I feel confident that I will love them for a long time, but that didn't stop me from testing them out in the store. I inspected the hardware of my new glasses, and you should too!

In the end, I obviously fell in love. I mean, look at this detail...and of course the arms are red. #matchmade

Dr. Tavel was so kind to us and I had a great time at the preview. I've already been fitted and received a new perscription from them as well! Nothing was left to chance! I can't wait for my glasses to get here. You'll be seeing them quite often :)

Interested in getting your own pair? Use my code Ultra50 and save $50 on your next purchase! Tell them Sierra of Eclectic Kurves taught you how to tell if the frames are perfect for your face :)

Enjoy Today!


Photos C/O Kate Ruddell

**This is a sponsored post by Dr. Tavel and product shown may have been gifted to me. However, all of my opinions are my own.