NYE: How to Add Sparkle Without Breaking Your Budget

plus size sequins dress.JPG

New Years Eve is right around the corner....are you ready? I have to admit, I was getting nervous about what I was going to wear. As a plus size woman, finding a little sparkle typically doesn't come without a little splurging, and I needed to give my wallet a much needed break. Luckily, I remembered a friend telling me about Rent The Runway, and I decided to give it a go for a date night first, to see if I would trust them with this glam holiday. Here are my findings:

What I love:

#1 You can rent designer gowns for like, 10-20% of their retail price....and their selection is impressive.

As a designer junkie wannabe, this was perfect. So many different dresses to fit all personalities. I picked out a Badgley Mischka dress that should have cost $400, and rented that bad boy for $35. And let's be honest, it would have been EXTREMELY difficult finding a dress in plus from that designer without ordering it....but that's another conversation entirely.

#2 Not sure of the size? Pick 2!

Like for real....pick 2! Rent the Runway will send you the same dress in 2 sizes just to make sure you get the right fit. #winwin

#3 You get a (different) backup dress just in case you fall out of love with the first one you picked.

Size not the issue? Just changed your mind once it arrives? No worries...you get to pick a second dress to send. It's super convenient to have an extra dress at your disposal. Though I loved both of the looks, and was really hoping for the sequins dress to work, but who am I to turn down another option just in case? Here's a few pics of my second dress. 

I was pleasantly surprised with the second dress and found an occasion to wear it too!

Now, What I Didn't Love:

#1 Their sizing pretty much halts at a 22.

So yea, to all my 24 and up girls, this isn't a size friendly site, and I definitely don't love that. 

#2 It's clear some garments have gotten a lot of love. 

One of the dresses had a missing button loop, and another had a few frays by the zipper. I will say this, neither of the imperfections took away from the look, and my insurance covers the dress just in case something ended up broken, so I was good with it all. In the end, since I wasn't keeping them, I figured the savings outweighed the issues. I killed it on date night. 

Makeup Tip for NYE: A bold red lip and flawless skin. xo


Final Verdict: Perfect for NYE, and your wallet will thank you. 

I say give them a try. Especially for your major events where you need to show out. From bridesmaids to galas and especially NYE, Rent the Runway is a great option for any girl size 0-22. 

Have you rented from Rent the Runway? Let me know about your experience below!

Enjoy today!


Photo: courtesy of Indy Dressed