Shoulders and Cinco de Mayo

Hey loves! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Today is the day we celebrate Mexico's independence (and eat tacos and drink cocktails). I'm just envisioning you all out and about having margaritas and making memories...can I come? I mean, I do love a good margarita, no salt on the rim though...just a little sugar and lime :). SOOOOOO....with the weather acting an emotional mess (rain today, sun tomorrow, rain the next day), I didn't know what to expect for tonight's festivities. I did however shoot this fun and flirty number a few weeks back and it couldn't be a better Cinco de Mayo look!

A little pom pom action with a side of lipstick crossbody is a recipe for Fabulousness! I also want to point out, these pictures have not been retouched...this is me, flaws and all. Yep, there is VBO (visible belly outline) and too many visible veins on my legs to count....and I've learned to love every inch of me....and you should too! This dress made me feel vibrant. If your wardrobe doesn''s time to go shopping.

These glass beaded bracelets are so cute and easy to stack and create your own look. Just be honest....I could have stacked even was a problem...

Did you like my festive look for the holiday? What would you do differently, if anything? Let me know below!

Now, get out there and add a little color to you lives!

Enjoy today!



Dress: Asos| Bracelets: Midwest Jewelers| Necklace: Rue21 similar

Sierra Holmes