How to Bargain Shop and Stay On-Trend

I love a great sale. It gives me an aderaline rush to find a clothing item for pennies on the dollar. As an ex-retail gal, I know clothes have a ridiculous markup, so I try and wait for a price drop or markdown whenever I can. Not sure how to shop deals? I've got a few insider tips to share with you!

1. The Holiday Sales aren't always the best! 

We all see them and get sucked in. Holiday Sales. Whether it's Labor Day or Black Friday, as soon as those window fronts go up offering "x-amount off", we hop right in, thinking we are saving big. Truth is, we are, but maybe not the BIGGEST. From my own experience working in the industry, that 30% off storewide, may not be your best deal. It just depends on what you are shopping for. For example, stores run sale campaigns in waves, and if you pay close enough attention during the rest of the year, you could snag an item for dirt cheap. I've seen plenty of sales on a regular Tuesday for 50% off an item I want, and a few days later see it running for BOGO 50% (which is really just 25% off each item). It's all marketing to get you to buy more, and buy now!

2. Price Compare

Speaking of buying more and buying now...DON'T! Well, just don't buy without doing your research. So you need a little black dress- shop around to save BIG. Check a few of your fave stores to see who is running the best deal. Not super picky about the look? That helps. A longer sleeve or different neckline that will still give you the same "feel", could save you at the cashwrap. I've found sooooo many items at competitor stores running better sales, and I could have missed them if I didn't keep looking. Tip: If time isn't an issue, ordering online could save you money too-not only can you search multiple e-stores quickly, but you may get a better deal online than in the same brick and mortar store. Yes, you read that right...sometimes the same company runs different sales online vs in-store.

3. Shop Clearance a Season Ahead

Yes, it may be 90 degrees out now, but in a couple of months, it won't be. Shop clearance for your sweaters a season ahead and save BIG! Shop Summer clearance items in the off season and have your basics purchased ahead of time, for a fraction of the price. Stay away from super trendy options, as they may change next season. Now go shopping!

Did these bargain buying tips help you? Let me know below! 

Enjoy today!