How I rocked my #FullBodyLove with Dia & Co.

I wasn't always confident when taking full body photos. When I was younger, I would find ways to hide in photos, so that I was barely seen. As I got older, I was still pretty critical of myself when I took pictures. Too much of "this" and "that" was showing. I felt caged in my own fears of what others would think. Have you been there?

One of my favorite things about fashion blogging is the amount of vulnerability that comes with the gig. Like it or not, people want to see what you are wearing, so you pull up your big girl panties and start taking photos. I started to really see myself again when I scrolled through my images, and I decided I needed to be my best friend. You know, the person constantly gassing you up and reminding you of how awesome you are when it's hard to see it. That best friend. Fast forward to today, and I've fallen in love with myself again. Constantly taking full body photos has helped with that.

In honor of Dia & Co's #FullBodyLove campaign for February, I wanted to share my story, and take the pledge to post full body photos and encourage my beautiful kurvy sisters to do the same. So here I am, full body...and killing it. 

Will you take the pledge with me? Let's do this!

Enjoy Today!


I'm linking a few jacket and skirt options below to achieve this look. Happy Shopping!