How To Build the Perfect Spring Work Wardrobe

Working 9 to 5 can be boring, but your wardrobe doesn't have to be!

It can be a daunting task, finding the perfect work wardrobe. You want to look good, not break the bank, stay trendy and avoid looking dated. Whew...are you asking for too much? NO. Most people settle for boring and safe. You don't have to be like most people. Just keep reading...I'm sharing a few key tips on shopping for the perfect Spring work wardrobe! I got you girl...

1. Look for Quality over Quantity

This is such an important step when building your Spring work wardrobe. You don't need a ton of clothes to slay the office, just the right ones. Look for quality pieces that are versatile and on-trend, but timeless. One of the best brands to capture this vision in their garments is White House Black Market. I found this great dress in their new plus size collection. It has beautiful Spring floral on one side, and is reversible to a solid navy on the other! 2 dresses in 1? #sold. Styling Tip: Find a staple blazer that complements your skin tone and can be worn with multiple looks, like this 2 in 1 dress. Remember- quantity over quality! I loved the way my curves looked in this dress. I slayed in the office and still felt completely professional! Yes, this is the SAME dress

2. Build Your Wardrobe Beyond The Office

Don't be Afraid of Prints at Work

Happy Hour is a beautiful thing. No one wants to be uncomfortable in a stuffy work outfit during Happy Hour. Keep this in mind when planning your Spring wardrobe. Since we are still in the beginning stages of warmer months, grab a blazer or jacket for work meetings, and shed it for cocktails at 5 o'clock. Got a date/event right after work? Keep a solid colored top at the office that will go with any floral print bottom, but is a little too "jazzy" for work. If you're like me, you're always headed out to something after work, so I opted for this fabulous off-the-shoulder top that instantly transforms my look from Office Diva to Fashionista! I've always been a fan of pairing solids with floral prints for a fun Spring work look.

Can't you just see this skirt with a great button down top too? Perfect for your Spring wardrobe! More on this skirt in an upcoming post about White House Black Market.

3. When in doubt, seek a stylist

Have my tips got your head spinning? Don't worry, there are people who THRIVE on picking out wardrobes for you! Hire a Stylist to get you all set for Spring. Not sure who to contact? Try a service like Dia & Co or Stitch Fix to get started. Wanting a personal styling session with a sassy blogger that LOVES clothes and is writing this post? I can help you with that :).  With that being said, even as a Stylist, I can get insanely busy and need a little help curating a look that wasn't on my radar. Check out these amazing print separates from my latest #DiaBox! 

I'll be sharing more on this "lemon" trend in the upcoming week. Make sure to check back to get the style scoop!

Still not sure how to build the perfect Spring wardrobe? I'm including a checklist to cover these tips and a few other basics. See, I told you I had your back girl! Would you wear any of these looks? Use any of these tips? Let me know in the comments! Here's to an anything-but-boring Spring wardrobe! 

Click here to grab your printable checklist!

Enjoy Today!


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Photography: Kaylee Creighton Photography