Where to Shop for Shoes to fit Wide Feet

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I've always been cursed with wider feet, but after the birth of my second child, my feet weren't ever going back to pre-baby size. It can be tough to find trendy shoes for wider feet, so when I find out about Shoes of Prey I knew I had to try them out. They didn't disappoint. Take a look at the Eclectic Kurves shoe I created and read about the process below!

Known for their inclusive sizing (size 2-15 in narrow, wide and extra wide sizing) and custom shoe designs, Shoes of Prey has been changing the game in footwear. 

The Shoes of Prey Design Process

First, you'll want to set up an account before you begin building your shoes. Once you've done that, it's time to peruse the website and see what catches your eye. They have a wide variety of fabrics, heel heights and designs to choose from that are already thought up for you. You can simply select from their suggestions and order in the right size and width for your foot. 

If you feel like designing your own shoe, like I did, this is where you get to see Shoes of Prey shine! Seriously, if you can imagine it, you can make it here. I knew I wanted something fun and fashionable, but actually wearable. Shoes of Prey prides themselves on creating comfortable shoes for all sizes and widths. Ready to try out this theory, I built out my first pair of custom heels. I love pink, love prints and know slingback heels really work for my foot shape, so I started with that in mind. Transparency moment: I spent a good 2 hours just staring at all of the fabrics and choices. From vegan leather to satin and everything in between, they thought of it all! I ended up picking a bright neon pink toe box (front of the shoe) with a black and white printed wedge heel (height of 4"). That's right...I customized the type of heel! No stilettos for me! I even picked the black leather strap and black leather trim around the shoe. Last, but certainly not least- I got to personalize my shoes! As if I didn't love them enough already, right? 

Creating a shoe for my everyday style

It was important to me to create a show that I could wear with several items in my wardrobe. Even with the pop of pink in the front, I feel this show will get lots of play time with my work looks. I took them out for a spin with this great jumpsuit that came in my latest Dia Box. These pants were the perfect length to show off my new badass shoes! 


Thinking about ordering your own pair? Use code ECLECTICKURVES and get your next pair personalized for FREE! Who doesn't want custom shoes with their NAME on them! #winning

Picture of Eclectic Kurves Custom Shoe for Shoes of Prey

Picture of Eclectic Kurves Custom Shoe for Shoes of Prey


TYPE: BARI 100         SIZE 11W         COLORS: Neon Pink Silk, Black Silk, Nappa Leather (Black), White Web Satin (Heel of Shoe), Tan Leather

Enjoy Today!