My First Plus Size Boudoir Experience: What You Need To Know


Valentine's Day is around the corner, and I thought I would be a doll and help you decide on your gift giving :) Disclaimer: The contents of this post are too HOT for some've been warned.

I teamed up with NINE23 Boudoir to do a shoot that focused on being body positive. It was such an honor to be chosen to participate in the session, but I’m not going to lie, when they first reached out to me I was so nervous! Getting naked (well almost naked) in front of a complete stranger? Did I really want to put my body on full display like this? What if I looked terrible? What if the light shows every imperfection I try so hard to conceal? As I wrestled with these thoughts, I realized something- I could "what if" all day about how I thought things were going to go, but that wouldn’t get me anywhere. So I made a decision to rise above the negative self-talk and go for it. I sat in nervous excitement for a few minutes before I realized the next hurdle I needed to overcome… what would I wear?

Boudoir photo shoots are for everyone, including full figured and curvy women. Plus size and curvy girls should use these photo shoot ideas for their next boudoir session.

Finding the Right Outfit for Boudoir Shoots

Probably the most nerve wrecking part of getting ready for any photo shoot is finding the right outfit. Take that anxiety and multiply it by 10 when shopping for lingerie! Multiply it 5 more times when shopping CURVY and PLUS! Do you feel me? OKAY! It’s a struggle out here for us curvy girls!

Knowing this has always been the case, I decided to share my first experience with you guys because I think there it's important to open a dialog about shopping curvy lingerie for your body type. Being an apple shape (I am at my heaviest around my mid-section) means I have to shop to flatter my figure, not the figure they may show on the packaging. Let's be serious--how many of us look like or are proportioned exactly those models anyway? Right. Glad I could clear that misrepresentation up.

I rounded up a few of my fave looks that would help you CRUSH it at your next boudoir shoot below:

Wait, what's my body type?

Baby-dolls, chemises, a teddy, and bra and panty sets all fit each body type differently. Not sure of your body type? Let’s discuss the main two.

Apple Shaped Curves

If you want to conceal your midsection (where you hold most of your weight), I would suggest a great baby-doll or chemise that highlights your "girls" and face. Something with texture up top (lace, sequin, studded leather) and a sheer bottom. I would also suggest a sexy slip that is body hugging right around the breast area, with a little A-line to pull away from the tummy and create the illusion of an hourglass shape! You can shop a few of these options at Hips and Curves here. Don't forget, it really depends on your personality too! Are you going for sexpot glam or ultra feminine adorbs? Opting for all black or red can help you to achieve this look. Pinks and soft colors will help you to achieve a softer look.

I went for sexpot glam....and owned it. I’m my own #wcw!

Black lace and red lips are the recipe for sexpot. #Boom Also, these pics are for my Hubby so I can only show you a teaser shot, but trust me when I say my apple shape rocked this outfit :)

Black lace and red lips are the recipe for sexpot. #Boom Also, these pics are for my Hubby so I can only show you a teaser shot, but trust me when I say my apple shape rocked this outfit :)

Pear Shaped Beauties

Your hips don't lie! As a pear shaped beauty, having a smaller waist and very full hips would make any bra and pantie set look amazing. I’d opt for a boyshort, cheeky or hipster panties. I would suggest a baby-doll for this body type as well. (Disclaimer: baby-dolls look good on every body type!) Styling Tip: feeling a little camera shy? Add a robe to conceal your thighs, but loosely belt it to show off those curves!

But how do you manage your nerves?

Like I said, this is the first hurdle you have to overcome. It’s so easy for us to get in our own way. I’ll admit, the day of the shoot I was so nervous, but as we got going, I started to feel so empowered. I truly felt beautiful and POWERFUL. Still nervous? Have a glass or two of wine and throw those fears to the wind. Do this for YOU.

Not working? Try these affirmations to help you set the tone for your day. I use them daily and they are instant confidence boosters.

Invest in a Photographer

The right outfits make the look. Your confidence keeps you going, but the right photographer is a game changer. Ashley of Nine23 Boudior gets curvy bodies. She highlights all the right areas and makes you look like the goddess you truly are. I was on a high while shooting. I NEVER imagined this would be so much fun and so liberating. Worried about the process? Don’t be. Ashley will do a consultation with you and sit down to discuss your vision. She has a great glam squad AND lingerie in case you need it. Honestly, she’s thought of it all…so all you need to do is show up and be FABULOUS. Make sure to check out NINE23 Boudoir for your next shoot! Here are a few of my favorites that I’m willing to share with you :). I love them all.


I'm including a little list of places to check out curvy lingerie at the bottom of this post. Happy sexy shopping for Vday loves!

Enjoy today!


Curvy Lingerie Shops:

Lane Bryant

Hips and Curves

Yandy Lingerie



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