EK Swim Week: 10 Plus Size Vintage Swimsuits You Need This Summer

Bardot Plus Size Babes in the Pool


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Welcome to #EKSwimWeek! You guys have been asking me to put together a plus size list of my fave swimwear, so I couldn't let us get too far into the Summer without doing just that! This post is all about one of my favorite trends; Vintage Swimwear. As a plus size babe, it can be hard to find great swimwear that 1) Covers what you want covered, 2) Looks like something from this decade and 3) Doesn't cost a fortune. At a size 22/24, I have had my fair share of let downs from brands that didn't get my body type. To be honest, at some point I realized half of the problem was my lack of body acceptance. A while back I worked really hard at loving myself, and now I'm living life in the moment and taking on the challenge of loving my body at all stages. I'm going to do my best to bring you swimwear suggestions that allow you to move forward this Summer in a suit that empowers you. I got you, girlfriend!


Polka Dotted Plus Size Suits

Obviously my fave vintage inspired look! I love my suit that I scooped from Unique Vintage. It fits well and is a vibrant color. This suit has straps that go around the neck, but I have tied them in back for a strapless look. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to see more details of this suit. I've included a roundup of other polka dotted plus size swimwear from them and a couple other brands! Note for Unique Vintage shopping: I am wearing a 4X in the red suit (pictured), so size up! 


5 Must Have Polka Dot Plus Swimwear Options

5 Plus Size Vintage Suits For the Vintage Pinup

Some of us will take it there this Summer. If you're looking for a bold, but timeless look, click the pictures below and get to shopping!

great beach bags for the summer!


Still need inspiration? Where to Shop

5 Vintage Style Shops I'm Obsessing Over

  1. Unique Vintage  unique-vintage.com (carries up to 4x)
  2. ModCloth    modcloth.com  (carries up to 4x)  
  3. Pinup Girl Clothing  pinupgirlclothing.com (carries up to 4x)
  4. Swimsuits for All   swimsuitsforall.com (carries up to a 34 or 6x, but not in all styles)
  5. Torrid          torrid.com (carries up to a 30 or 5x)

All of these shops carry vintage-inspired swim for us curvy gals!

Hopefully this gets you started on your swim shopping this Summer! Check below for more swim style inspiration!


Enjoy today!

xo Sierra