Date Night: 3 Reasons to Dress Up

Lord knows my husband and I needed a date night! Between the kids, work, bills, etc., we just weren't getting enough time in with each other. So, we scheduled this date right...and people, I have been married for 8 years and have 2 kids, so you would figure the LAST thing on my mind right away is what heels to wear, but you are wrong! Here's why.

1. I deserve it, damnit.

My story: After all the diapers, boogers and spaghetti-o's (sometimes all in an afternoon), I deserve to take my time, put on a cute outfit, and just be the hot date I want to be! As women, we wear so many different hats in our lives and I am super proud of that, but for one night..I want to turn heads and look girly, and just BE in the glamourous moment. The look on his face doesn't hurt either ;).

2. When you look GOOD, you feel GOOD.

I don't care what type of day you are having, if your outfit is bangin', baby...chances are you will find something to be happy about. I live by this motto and steal a couple of moments for myself in the bathroom throwing on a lipstick or pair of earrings. It makes me feel more pulled together, calming my spirit for the day. Fast forward to date night, and that lipstick with those heels? I feel like the hottest chick in the room. Now, what guy wouldn't dig that confidence? 

3. Your Wallet will Survive

Alright....somebody said it. "I can't afford to dress up..after the sitter, date expenses, etc...I can't afford a new look." I hear you...that *ish is expensive, but what if I told you this dress I've been featuring only cost me $20? The shoes ran me a solid $15. I've had the earrings for years.. Sound affordable now? It's all about shopping on a budget and holding on to items that will work in multiple outfits. Nude shoes, a black bag, black sunglasses....all of these things will get you through several date nights.

Bonus: Now matter what your size, getting dolled up for a date is a right of passage. Don't let someone tell you curvy girls don't have great plus options...because we do! I will be posting soon about my fav plus looks for girls night out.

Do you normally dress up for date night? Let me know your thoughts below!


Dress: Forever21 Plus

Shoes: DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse)

Glasses: SEE Eyewear

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