Eclectic Kurves X Verona Couture Part 1: 70's Vibe

The leaves are falling and the temperature is dropping. Luckily we've still got a few mid 60-70 degree weather days coming our way, so I've teamed up with Verona Couture to bring you a 70's inspired look for the Fall. I was so happy to find another amazing company to bring to my Kurvy girls! We need options, and Verona Couture has great on-trend looks to get you through every season! This is my first of 2 looks I'm bringing you from this super fun brand. I'm also sharing how my style is a representative of my read on!

First off, I mean, how cute it this shirtdress? Doesn't it give you a Midwestern meets Farrah Faucet vibes? As a resident Midwest style blogger, I felt like this look was a great representative of that space, and my personality. I'd like to think of myself as being a cheerful, sassy and down-to-earth person. I get all of those vibes when I'm wearing this dress. My face just lit up during the photo shoot. That's the true test, so I have a challenge for you-Do you light up when you put a new outfit on? If the answer is yes- BUY IT.

I loved the tie belt, as it accentuated my smaller waist, giving me great shape. Styling tip for all my apple shaped girls-look for a dress that has a tie belt, because it's going to help break up your curves and give you a little definition and the illusion of an hourglass waist. Luckily, Verona Couture has a great selection of dresses that are belted! Make sure to head over to the site and check them out!

I love the contrast of this lightweight denim and beautiful embroidered chest. The pops of red are striking and of course matched my signature lip color.  Wearing the clothes, and not letting them wear you is key. I try to approach every look with confidence. I'll be honest, this is a dress you need to put on your body. The hanger appeal has nothing on a real body sashay-ing all up and down the street. I was so surprised at how much I loved this dress. It's comfortable, but still has major personality. 

Is this a dress you could see yourself in? How would you style it? Let me know in the comments below! 

Oufit Deets: 

Dress: Verona Couture

Enjoy Today!


**This is a sponsored post by Verona Couture, yet all opinions are my own.