Eloquii Goes for A Dip: New Swimwear Alert!

Ok, don't freak out....but I have bad news....you aren't going to have any money left for food after this week....because if you are like me, you'll be giving all your coins to Eloquii. Why? Because they just dropped a new swimwear line....and I'm obsessed.

I mean, Eloquii, why did you have to do us like this? I was just recovering from my last purchase...lol. All kidding aside, I am loving their take on swim. From off-the-shoulder bikini's to strappy one-piece showstoppers, they've got us all covered. Most of the swim is still in preview status, so make sure to check back on the website often (like me..everyday). Here are a few others I immediately felt I needed...and then I started planning a trip to wear them on...so there's that....

Oh! I also forgot to mention they have cover ups and rompers too....so....with that being said...who is going to start a go-fund me page for my Eloquii addiction? Any takers? :)

Enjoy today!


Psst. Here's a few others worthy of your gawking :)

Sierra Holmes