EK Goes Shopping: Endeavor Boutique Edition

Shopping can be difficult for the curvy girl. Don't get me wrong, the industry has come a long way, but it still sucks to walk into a store and realize they only carry straight sizes (0-16). It shouldn't be a news flash to shop owners that most women do not fit into that size range! According to not-so-new research, the average size in American is a 16! Let's do better. #EndRant

I recently had the pleasure of partnering with local shop Endeavor Boutique, and it was the BOMB! (yes I still say that). The atmosphere is so inviting and fun. True Story: I wandered upon this shop looking for a clutch bag on my way to a blog shoot. I walked in, didn't find a clutch bag, but noticed they carried curvy sizes. The rest is history! I couldn't believe this little shop was in my back yard and I didn't even know. So naturally I HAD to partner with them...and bring you these cute looks!

1. This Blue Dress Clearly Made for ME

2. This Sequin Dress that gave me all the Military feels....with pockets!

3. This Cozy Weekend look that gives me all the 70's vibes...and yes, Curvy girls can wear light denim!!!

4. I Can't Adult Today...and who would want to in this super comfy baseball tee!

Do you love the looks as much as I do? Locals: head on over and check it out in person! Oh! and be on the look out for a Ladies Night I'm hosting soon! It will be a cool little Meet and Greet plus shopping experience! Stay tuned!

In the meantime, visit their website!

Enjoy today!