Luxury Christmas Gifts For the Ultimate Holiday


We all love a little luxury every now and then. Now, if you’re reading this, there’s a good possibility you didn’t get the WOW gift, or you didn’t give the WOW gift on Christmas. It’s time to bring out the big bucks for a show stopper gift. Of course, jewelry is an obvious choice, but hey…let’s think outside the box. Put your Amazon Prime membership to great use and save this gift giving season. But what to buy? Here are a few luxurious gift ideas sure to make the top of the wish list you didn’t buy round 1 :) )

Give the Gift of a Great Smile

If you’re like me, you understand that your smile is your best accessory, and it has to be taken care of. I love a good red lipstick, as it sets the tone of my look, but matching it to coffee-stained teeth is a fashion no-no. I make sure my teeth shine as bright as possible with my cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush. I have tried a few electronic toothbrushes in the past, but none with 5 different settings. I have been using my cariPRO for a couple of weeks now and I'm in love. It’s the perfect affordable gift for someone who is wanting to up their selfie game with whiter teeth! It has all of the features of an expensive toothbrush for under half of the price! Save 20% on your next cariPRO purchase with my code “eclectickurves20”. Speaking of gifting, I’ve partnered with Smile Brilliant to give away one of these amazing toothbrushes! Enter to win here: Good luck!

#LevelUp Your Handbag Game

After polling a few of my fellow fashion blogger babes with this topic, the results were a no-brainer. If you didn’t show up Christmas morning with a Gucci velvet marmont bag, Louis Vuitton Boite Chapeau Souple (this carries a $3K price tag so buyers beware), or a classic Chanel bag, there’s still time to right that wrong. Truth be told, if you #LevelUp to these bags, she’ll be quick to forget about that oven mitt set you got on a great deal Black Friday…

Pinterest- Worthy Gifts for Your Non-Artsy Friend

The Cricut cutting machine! According to my blogger boo Katy of Indy With Kids, Christmas and every other holiday in your home will be forever changed because of this gift! The design studio and capabilities of this machine will help your friend to become that crafty Pinterest mom that she wants to be. Katy says it’s one of her favorite gifts from this year! Go snag two- one for your friend and one for you! #GetYourCraftOn

Jet-Set Cutie!

When giving tangible gifts is no longer the rage in your circle, give the gift of experiences. Try gifting a luxurious getaway for 2 to somewhere warm to battle the cold weather! This time of year, cruises are dirt cheap, so set sail for the Caribbean and leave the horrors of terrible gift-giving and getting behind!

Give the gift of a trip to Megan’s Bay, St. Thomas.

Give the gift of a trip to Megan’s Bay, St. Thomas.

So there you have it! Go take advantage of these after Christmas sales and snag a few redemption gifts! I know I found a few I may “need”. Tis the season right? Let’s end 2018 in luxury!

Enjoy Today!