Body Shapes: Real Talk

Take a look at the sketch....which one do you identify with?

Take a look at the sketch....which one do you identify with?

Hola! Ok, Today is the day! Let's talk body shapes! Do you truly know how to dress for your body shape? No worries, girl-I got you! Let's take a look into the different body shapes and define them a bit.

Apple Shape- Softer, fuller mid-section, full breasts (yay for cleavage), less curve in the hips and thighs, FAB legs!

Ok, how many of you fit this description? Let's go over a few stylistic decisions you should make if this is your body type.

Tops: Avoid any tops that cling to your stomach. This will only showcase your mid-section and may make you look larger than you actually are. Opt for a flowy silhouette that is fitted in the bust area (show them off girl!) and draws the eye upward. Tunics are great for this-add a legging for a complete look.

Wear dresses with great texture, detail and draping. Wrap or any V-neck dress will showcase that great cleavage you were blessed with ;-)

Here's a Fab Kurvy girl trio showing their apple shape-style:

Fuller breast tissue, great legs!

Fuller breast tissue, great legs!

Pear Shape- smaller waist, fuller hips, may have smaller breast tissue, full thighs

Sound like you? Blessed with big, beautiful hips! I'm so jealous! You go girl! Now, for a few clothing suggestions...

Tops: Unlike the apple shape gal, pear shapes should wear a more fitted top. It's important to accentuate the waist. Tunics are great here too, since they camouflage the upper thigh area. Dresses would be ideal for this shape in an A line silhouette (fitted at top, cut away from the body at bottom).

Here's a photo of a great pear shaped beauty rockin' a dress:

Photo credit: Curvy Blogger @GarnerStyle Find her at

Photo credit: Curvy Blogger @GarnerStyle Find her at

Hourglass Shape-  She is equally balanced on the top and bottom. May have fuller breasts, fuller hips, and a small, defined waist.

This shape always reminds me of Old Hollywood vixens. These ladies can pretty much wear anything. Showing off the waist is key to rockin' this uber curvy figure. Pencil skirts are great on this body shape, as well as bodycon (close to the body, body hugging) dresses and skirts. Show those curves girl! Here's a pic of a famous curvy girl showing her stuff. #bowdown



Lastly, let's look at the rectangle shape:

Rectangle Shape: Typically has fuller breast tissue and hips equal in proportion, however she does not have a defined waist. There is little difference between her wait and hips.

How to play up this shape: Focus on creating the illusion of a waist with fitted clothing up top that flows away from the body below the waist. I would also suggest playing up your assets-your square shape would look hot in an off the shoulder top--show some collarbone girl!

Look at these fashionistas who have a rectangular shape:

So, now that we have gone through all of the body types, which one are you? I am an apple shape for sure! Leave me a comment below letting me know!

Enjoy today! xoxo-Sierra




Sierra Holmes