Stepping Up My Activewear: YogaClub Launches Plus Sizes!

This is a sponsored post by YogaClub, however all opinions are my own.

YogaClub launches plus sizes. Membership boxes start at $79/box.

YogaClub launches plus sizes. Membership boxes start at $79/box.

I’m working on being more active!

Since breaking my leg in January, I’ve been on a quest to get my leg strength back. I made the decision to add yoga to my wellness routine once I could walk again. My physical therapist told me it would help with stretching and clearing my head. I dabbled in it a little at home over the next couple of months, but then I drifted away from it. I’m recommitting to myself to add yoga back into my routine at least once a week.


The Clothing Dilemma

Most of my workout clothing was worn out so naturally, I needed new leggings, new yoga pants and new workout clothes in general. Hey, after you break your leg you deserve a few new clothing items, am I right? Also, when you are super busy like I am AND recovering from an injury, the idea of going shopping in a store for workout clothes seems like a nightmare. 

With this is the back of my head, I was intrigued when YogaClub reached out to me about their new plus-size launch. I had never tried YogaClub before, but here are a few reasons why I took the leap. 


Why YogaClub?

  1. YogaClub is an inclusive subscription service for yoga apparel featuring sizes XS-3X.

  2. You get to take a fun style quiz so your stylist gets to know you. It asks questions about your body type, workouts, and it even lets you rate sample outfits!

What’s in the Box?

After filling out a quick but detailed questionnaire, I had my first box ordered in minutes. This box is 100% curated by a YogaClub stylist. Each 3 piece premium brand box has an MRSP value of about $160, but you will be getting a steal of a deal! See something in your box you don’t love? Send it back. YogaClub has several exchange options!

The Verdict

I am loving the fit and quality of my first box. The shirt is beyond soft and the bra is super comfortable. The leggings have a bit of compression in them which is great for my recovering muscle loss. This girl will take all the muscle definition she can get! I even took a stroll through nature and did a little yoga in the park! It was EVERYTHING.

Click to order your next YogaClub box for only $59 using code SIERRA

Click to order your next YogaClub box for only $59 using code SIERRA

How Much is a Membership?

A YogaClub Membership is priced at $79/box. You can select your frequency of boxes: monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly! When you use my code SIERRA, you’ll get your membership for $59! That’s an incredible saving on some of the best activewear brands in the business! 

Don’t be afraid to do Plus Size Yoga in the park, OK!

Don’t be afraid to do Plus Size Yoga in the park, OK!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work!

Enjoy Today