How to Wear Stripes and Tulle After 30

I get this question a lot. I understand the hesitation completely: tulle is tricky, and you want to find a way to wear it that makes your look fun and flirty...but not 12.

I think the trick is in the length. Very rarely do I think it's appropriate for a #30something to wear short tulle skirts. It too closely reminds me of my daughter's first birthday party...

As a woman right at that 30 mark, I fell in love with this sparkly tulle skirt. The band is super soft and has the right amount of stretch. Stretch is your friend when you are an apple shape, right ladies?!

When it comes to clothes, I love all things black, and paired this great striped tee from Soma with it. Now, you may be thinking, "Stripes and tulle? Isn't that a bit much?" This eclectic girl says no way!

Enjoy your Saturday!


This skirt is sold out, but here are a couple of other options I LOVE for curvy girls over 30. Happy Shopping!