Rev: The Kickoff to Racing in May in Indy

This post is sponsored by Macy’s and IU Health, however all of my opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links that when clicked generate a small profit for Eclectic Kurves. Thank you for keeping us going!


Everyone needs to understand how serious Indy is about racing….

There’s something really magical about the month of May. Not only is it my birthday month (heyyy Gemini babies), but it’s also the kickoff to the greatest racing season. If you aren’t from Indy, you may not realize just how major racing is here. From porch parties to the Snake Pit and everything in between, racing is alive and on fire during the month of May! So how do we kick off this checkered flag-burning rubber-cocktail drinking-concert going-culture? With a kick ass party put on by IU Health called Rev!

Cool…what is Rev?


Rev is an annual fundraiser put on by IU Health at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I had the pleasure of being an Ambassador for the event this year. Presented by Fifth Third Bank, Rev brings together food, fun and a night of celebration to kick off the greatest month of racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. All funds raised from this event support IU Health statewide trauma and critical care programs. Over the years this event has raised millions of dollars to help those in need....all while allowing you to taste Indy's best restaurants, sample an open bar with the coolest cocktails and dance the night away on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track!

Be honest…is this event worth the hype?

Let me tell you….REV pulls out all the stops for their guests. If you are lucky enough to grab a VIP ticket (which I highly recommend), you will find yourself greeted with fun cocktails upon arrival and special entrances into more VIP perks (there's nothing cooler than a doorman waiting on you because your a VIP). As a VIP, you also get a “hot lap” around the track! That’s right- you get to experience what it’s like to race around the track at over 130 MPH with a professional driver guiding you all the way. Full disclosure- this was a non negotiable for my husband, but I was terrified. Ultimately I decided there was no way I was giving up this one-of-a-kind experience and got in the backseat. Let’s just say I said a few bad words in the backseat, but LOVED every minute of the thrilling ride!

What to Wear

So now that I’ve got you all hyped up about the event, I bet you are wondering what you should wear! My first stop was to Macy’s at the Castleton Mall. I love how easy it is to find an entire look in one place when I go there. From makeup to shoes and EVERYTHING in between, Macy's has it all. PRO TIP: Schedule a MY STYLIST appointment for your next special occasion shopping trip. The stylist is totally FREE and picks out looks for you while you hang back in a dressing room. Listen, Macy’s Castleton has the largest dress and special occasion collection of all Macy’s stores in Indiana, so this MY STYLIST program is an extra (and much needed) perk when you're feeling overwhelmed with choices. I knew I wanted to wear something sexy but covered up because it was going to be freezing the night of the party. So how do you accomplish both? You go with the color RED....and a jumpsuit!


Beauty Beat at Macy’s

Did you know you can have your special occasion makeup done in the beauty department at Macy's?

Not only was I certain I could find the perfect look for Rev, I knew they would kill my makeup look as well. My girl Vee at the Bobbi Brown counter was my makeup artist. I told her I wanted a sexier, bolder look that worked with red. This is what we came up with. I think she nailed it.


I absolutely loved my look for Rev. I had a feeling you might too, so I linked it! Here are my fave red jumpsuit picks for you including the one I wore:

See you at the track! Enjoy today!