Meet EK Kurvy Girl of the Week (OTW): Elle Dove!

Hi loves! Back again! Did you catch our last Kurvy Girl Baraka? Check her out! Now, what I love the most about blogging are the people I get to meet. Recently on a trip down to Atlanta, I met our next Kurvy Girl. She's an emerging designer in the area, and has a glowing personality. I'm so excited for you to get to know her! Meet Elle Dove!

Tell us a little bit about yourself...
Name: L. Dove
Age : 28
City: Atlanta, GA

Fierce AF.

Fierce AF.


       In a few words, describe your "eclectic style". 

       I would say that my style is a structured freedom lol. So in other words you mix comfort with a classic fit.

What do you consider to be your best feature and why?

My personality. Because of course I believe ALL of me is beautiful, but even with all of my beauty it would mean nothing if I was a jerk to everyone around me. I love inspiring and up lifting people hopefully enticing them to not just see their own light but use it to reach for the stars.

What does #bodypositive mean to you?

Knowing you are beautiful both inside and out but more than that understanding the power you have in your own positive energy. If you are constantly positively reaffirming what you say to yourself, how you view yourself and how you treat yourself you will naturally exude confidence. Which will then say to the world hey I love me. Every nook and cranny baby!!!!!

Finish this sentence: I wouldn't be caught outside without my...

Gucci Sunglasses...j/k lol I wouldn't be caught outside without my cell phone. I need it. There are not to many moments where I have not had it. And with my efforts to make my clothing line Lorenza James by Elle Dove (shameless plug lol :) ) a success it is essential to every part of my business and easy on the go management.

Check out a few of Elle's latest designs:

What are you most proud of? 

I am most proud of my personal growth. For a while I spent a lot of time running from myself, getting down on myself, and I allowed fear to run a muck in my life. I just honestly didn't believe in myself and did not see my own light and I didn't believe I was worthy of my own queendom. How absurd is that? My queendom was supposed to be made of me and all about me and I didn't believe in I was worthy of it. Once I decided, and trust me it was choice, to dig deeper, find the root of my insecurity and begin to move forward positively affirming myself every step of the way that decision eventually led me to moving forward with my dream of being a plus designer.

As a designer, where do you draw inspiration? Who is your favorite designer?

Max Azria creator of the bandage dress a.k.a the original bodycon lol. I just love his spirit and all the designers of Zara. I have structured part of my a production process around there ideals.

Lastly, why should people follow Eclectic Kurves?

Not only is she amazing in real life, but the impact Eclectic Kurves is having on the view point of the plus community has to be noted. A prime example is this interview. Posts that  highlight not just the new emerging brands but the person behind the brand are needed and it provides a better perspective on what drives someone to dress women's curves, do whatever shows there greatness and contributions to the plus community.

Thank you so much Elle Dove for sharing your story! Make sure to check out her Esty shop here. See you next week!

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Enjoy today!