Meet EK Kurvy Girl of the Week (OTW): Raquel Sheppard!!!

I mean, look at this power out, world!

I mean, look at this power out, world!

Hello fellow Kurvies! I am sooooo excited to bring this FAB feature back to the blog! Today we are getting to know Raquel and her fun style! Get ready to fall in love with her...she's pretty adorable :)

*Tell us a little bit about yourself...
Name: Raquel S.
Age : 23
City: Indianapolis, Indiana

*In a few words, describe your "eclectic style". 

My style is classic and retro with a modern touch. I love bright colors and bold patterns.

*What do you consider to be your best feature and why?

My best feature is my hair! Your hair is it's own canvas and you can constantly switch up your look.

*What does #bodypositive mean to you?

#BodyPositive means loving yourself and others no matter what we look like. Our bodies are constantly changing, and we need to take pride in every step! 

*Finish this sentence: I can't be seen outside without my ______.

Lipstick! I keep at least 10 on me at all times.

*Lastly, why should people read and follow Eclectic Kurves?

It's awesome! Eclectic Kurves shows that fashion and self-love comes in every shape and size. We should all be lifting each other up and appreciating our fellow fashionistas!

I couldn't agree more Raquel! Style has no size constraints! Thanks for rocking yours on the blog today!

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Enjoy today!

xoxo- Sierra