How to Appreciate The Extra Personalities in Your Life

I think the term extra gets a bad rap. Like, who decided being expressive was always a bad thing? I for one, enjoy being a little extra. Maybe after you read these 3 statements, you will get "us" and learn to appreciate the extra personalities in your life!

1. Understand we just are Super Passionate People

Yes to this! We exude passion in almost everything we do. Every loud clap, hair flip and foot stomp are just ways to expel our emotions. We're basically obsessed, but in a good way. Let us be your hype woman. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show! 

 I've always loved the much drama and magic. It's no wonder I'm so extra.

I've always loved the much drama and magic. It's no wonder I'm so extra.

2. We get caught up...pretty easily.

And we don't even realize it. I can't tell you the amount of times my creative mind has wondered. So many ideas, so little patience. Some extra folk are simply visionaries- seeking the greatest idea. The journey to get there can be somewhat chaotic, but we may not see it that way. To you, I could just be jabbering on, when in reality, I'm creating magic. #boom


3. We get exhausted from being on all the time me.

Totally get that being so extra can be a lot to deal with, but have you ever stopped to think about the person living with those emotions? To piggy-back on the idea that extra peeps are passionate, it can be exhausting! So exhausting, that you may become the recipient of a mood swing or two. #Sorry. Just be patient with us and keep in mind that your extra friends need a little downtime too. Try not to make us feel like we need to be ON all the time....but get ready when we are! :) 

Does this post help you to appreciate your extra friends? Shout them out below and show them a little love!

Enjoy today!

xo Sierra

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