How Imperfect Produce is Making Eating Healthy Sexy

So I’ve been doing a cool thing and helping save on food waste. Get organic veggies and save 30% off produce costs? It was a no-brainer to sign me up for Imperfect Produce. I’m giving you an over view of why I chose Imperfect Produce and why you should a little recipe that YOU NEED!

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Eclectic Table: Summer Dinner Party

Summer isn’t over yet! There’s still time to have an epic SUmmer dinner party! Grab you pen and paper and get ready to take notes from the PROS! I’ve teamed up with Chef Tanorria to bring you the perfect menu, table setting and wardrobe choices for an unforgettable party. PSSST…There’s also a giveaway! Welcome to our #eclectictable!

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Sierra Holmes