How-to Guide on Making it Through the Holidays


Listen, we all know it’s coming, the dreaded holidays; yet most of us don’t prepare for the occasion (guilty as charged). We have all year to get ready, heavily meditate and hire a cleaning company to make sure the house is spotless for our Mother-in-laws, yet we still wait to the last minute. Instead, we end up running around like lunatics; adding extra festive (you don’t really need, but how could you live without) décor you scored on a deal at the devil store (Target), fighting over the last cranberry sauce down aisle 12 (#lestruggle), and trying to bribe the babysitter to ditch her family (she’s only home from school for 2 weeks, but who cares, you NEED her) to come and wrangle your little minions so you can sneak away and watch Bad Mom’s 2 (or...just nap). Whew…it feels better to say it out loud…I’ve been holding that in for days. But enough about me… 😊

So yes, the holidays can be stressful, but oh so meaningful and memorable. It’s because of the latter, that we have to find ways to overcome it. Today, I’m going to give you a few of my coping strategies to not just get through the holidays, but #SleighAllDay! 

Step 1: Forgive Yourself Already

...but I'm OK with that...and you should be too.

...but I'm OK with that...and you should be too.

You’re not perfect, so be like Elsa and “Let it go”. No one is going to notice the stain on the carpet, dust on the drapes, or toys scattered in the play area. You don’t need a new stemware collection because one of your glasses is red, and the rest are white. #wineiswine people. Forgive yourself for being human and get on with making memories with the ones you love.

You are not so perfect, so be like Elsa and let it go.
— -Sierra


Step 2: Find a Rockin’ Holiday Dress…and take it out for a spin!

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is the FASHION! Here’s a little outfit inspiration from me to you. Find something sparkly and vibrant. Embrace the trends and find your inner goddess. Splurge a little if you need to (you’re important too), and find more than one occasion to wear it this season. Before you ask, I’ll answer: Yes, this is Christmas Gala, NYE, Blog Photo and laundry day look all rolled into one (laundry day is the worst)…I’m getting my use out of this bangin’ dress. #nojudgement

Step 3: Make time to reflect on your experience after the quiet sets in.

You’ve made it; everyone is heading home, and you finally have your house back. Your Mother-in-law didn’t drive you batty, you got to see Bad Moms 2, you wowed at the company Christmas party and you drank wine out of a solo cup (who needs wine glasses at this point). Sounds to me like you killed it, so take the time to remember all of this… and be grateful, because you just won at Holiday.



We only have so much time with our loved ones, so enjoy it! Happy Holidays! Bring it 2018! Follow me on IG @eclectickurves for more Holiday style inspiration!