Dental Hygiene is Always in Style: Our First Trip to Pippin Dental


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Don’t Let Fear Keep You from the Dentist

Listen, there are several things I'm sure you'd rather do than go to the dentist. We all know it's necessary though, right? If you've ever had a root canal, broken tooth, bleeding gums, or even just a cavity, you've paid for it in money and pain...but could some of it have been avoided? According to industry experts, the answer is YES. Regular check-ups with the dentist could lead to better dental health, so why do we wait until it's more serious? Is that the best example we want to set for our children’s dental health?

To be honest, time, money and fear can keep us away from the dentist, so a great introduction to this process can change a child's perspective. Pippin Dental aims to do just that. They offer affordable and FUN dentistry for kids by easing them into the process with great communication and age appropriate transparency. Pippin Dental is changing the way we view our dental visits. They invited us to come in and check out their Keystone location, just south of Broad Ripple in Indy. The kids were due for a cleaning, so the timing was perfect. I wanted to learn more about Pippin Dental, including what sets it apart from other dental offices, so I sat down with the office manager, Ryan, to get some answers.

What Sets Pippin Dental Apart From Other Dental Offices?

According to Ryan, it’s their drive to educate and partner within the community to bring affordable dental care to the underserved. By offering special plans, several payment options, and flexible scheduling, Pippin Dental has reimagined the dental experience for their patients. Located in the heart of Indy, the Keystone location is accessible for many families, and they have the waiting room to accommodate them all. Speaking of the waiting room…

The First Impression

The first thing I noticed when we came in was the size of the waiting room. It was massive! Gone are the days of feeling cramped into a small office with several people sitting right next to you. There's plenty of room to stretch out, watch one of the 2 big screen TVs in the lobby, get on your phone or tablet and wait patiently while the kids play in the play area. Yes...I said play area...but we're not talking about a couple of puzzles and blocks. All Pippin offices have a huge climbing gym with touch-screen TVs. Let's just say this Momma didn't mind the moments of peace before the visit. 

Ok…But what about that “Wait”

Like any doctor's appointment, there is a little bit of a wait time. When you're dealing with kids, this can be a deal breaker, and Pippin Dental gets that. On average, the wait time is around 15-20 minutes when the office is really busy. To help combat the anxious wiggles of your tiny tots, remember, Pippin Dental has play areas and touch screen TVs in all of its offices. #ParentingWin

What To Expect At The End of Your First Appointment 

All great relationships begin with great communication. At the end of your child’s visit, his/her dentist will provide a health overview and customized treatment plan. I love that they do this at the end of your appointment and take the time to go over it with you (the parent) in detail. We left our first appointment with a 6 month plan for both Roman and Olivia. Best part: I didn’t feel pressured to book the next appointment, but felt informed. As a parent I thought it was so helpful to have a plan I could follow and start saving up for if needed. Yay for planning!

The Conclusion

We had a wonderful first experience at Pippin Dental. The staff was so engaged and it was clear they loved kids. PRO TIP: Find a dental office that LOVES kids, and the rest is a piece of cake…just brush your teeth after!

Are you ready to book your next appointment? Head over to Pippin’s site to schedule your first appointment! It’s time to get your kids smiles in style!