New Year, New Goals, Same Slay

It's officially 2017! I've been thinking, as most of us do, about a few ways I can make 2017 my best year yet. There are many directions I could take, but after deep reflection, I came up with 3 themes I feel keep me on track to slaying the hell out of this year. Read on, as they may surprise you...#slayinmanyways

Theme #1: Be Gentle with Myself

I'll be the first to admit it...I hate when things don't go as planned. I put all this time and energy into a project, idea, etc...and then it falls short of my (arguably) unrealistic expectations. We push ourselves so hard and far , that it becomes impossible to achieve success without an immeasurable amount of stress. Seriously, have you been there?

In 2017, I'm trying to give myself a big break. I'm not perfect, I've never been perfect...and it's time to get right with being "perfectly imperfect". So yeah, I'll drink the soda and not tear myself down for not losing the weight in the first 5 seconds of dieting. I'll cry when I'm sad instead of holding it all in, because life is a f**king journey and I need to embrace it-hardships and all. Finally, I will give myself the grace to just be ME...because that's enough.

Theme #2: Take Care of the Golf Balls First

You know...the major things in life. I recently watched a video that showed a professor filling a jar full of golf balls. He asked his students if the jar was full...they said yes, but then he added pebbles...sand...and lastly, a beer. Long story short, had the professor started with the sand (the small stuff in life), he wouldn't have had room for the golf balls, which represented the themes in life that are most important to happiness-family, career and travel. So, in 2017, I'm going to take care of the golf balls first, however, as the beer represented in the jar, I will always make time to have a beer with a friend :)

Theme #3: Embrace 31 and Lose the Grief Weight

Go to the doctor like a grown up. Ugh...the thought of going through the ritual of sitting in the waiting room for hours (slight...but only slight exaggeration) makes me want to run for the hills. Not to mention the awkward convo's you have with someone sticking a needle in your arm, asking you what you ate because your blood is super thick...yes that really happened...and yes, that would have been a great time to practice Theme #1. In 2016, I put on a bunch of grief weight; weight after my mother's death, and I know it's time to get back on track. In 2017, I will shed this grief weight and embrace being 31 and loving life. According to my doctor, it's all about a lifestyle change. There was a season for the grief weight, but I have to take care of myself...curvy but healthy...muy importante.

Alright, now you have my 3 goals this year. I'm not calling them resolutions, as I tend to kill the game when it comes to goals...not a ton of success with resolutions. #mindshift

How will you be slaying in the new year? DO any of these themes resonate with you? Let me know below!

Enjoy today!