Kids Dental Health: Why Pippin Dental Needs to Be on Your Radar


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DENTAL HYGIENE SHOULDN’T BE A LUXURY. There are several health benefits associated with proper dental care. Unfortunately due to the fears of costs and pain we associate with going to the dentist, some of us put this necessary check up off to the last minute, which can in fact…cost more. To get ahead of those costly “fixes”, most dentists suggest starting office visits at a young age . In fact, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests starting visits as early as your child’s first birthday. Where will you take them? How will you find the right dentist? We recently discovered Pippin Dental, located just south of Broad Ripple in Indy. As we geared up for our first appointment, we discovered more about this great option for proper dental care in the heart of Indianapolis. Here’s why Pippin Dental needs to be on your radar.


Dental health is extremely important to instill early in childhood. Take a look at these three reasons for getting a head of the dental health game in children.

Ease of Scheduling an Appointment

Setting an appointment at Pippin Dental is super easy. I called, gave basic information about the kids to get them in the system, and that was it. Note: You are not calling for a specific dentist, as there are several Dentists on staff at Pippin Dental. Need an appointment on a Saturday? Pippin has you covered. With office hours until 2pm on Saturdays, dental care is available to the working parent who can;t take time off during the week. I loved this perk and scheduled our appointment for a Saturday morning. PRO TIP: According to the office manager, the best time to schedule an appointment is in the morning between the hours of 8am-12pm. Also, Saturday is their busiest day, so be prepared for a little bit more traffic than usual.


Pippin Dental Care is Affordable for All

OK…the cost. As I mentioned earlier, this is one of the main reasons we put off dental care. Pippin Dental is dedicated to serving the inner city and providing affordable dental care to communities that need it. From partnering with local businesses, to offering dental screenings at a low price and providing flexible payment options, including a discount plan , Pippin Dental is committed to giving back to the under served and making sure everyone is aware of these resources! Have insurance? Remember to bring your card along with your photo ID to your appointment.

Smart Waiting Areas

Though the waiting room is equipped with two big screen TVs and a massive play area for the kiddos, Pippin still manages to give you a straight forward, unfussy waiting room. You enter into a wide open area, with simple chairs strategically spread out to give each patient space. Who needs fish tanks , magazines and stuffy furniture anyway? As a parent, I can relax and catch up on emails as my kids play in a separate area. I prefer to spend as little time as possible in the waiting room, but found the space refreshing and I don’t think I’ll mind the wait.

Additional Questions? Visit Pippin Dental’s FAQs page here. .

Interested in scheduling a check up for your little ones? Head over to the Pippin Dental site to find an office near you!

Check back next week as I recap our kiddos first visit at Pippin Dental!

Enjoy Today!