Swimming with Confidence at Goldfish Swim School

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Swimming Lessons Build Confidence

I remember when I started my first swim class. I was so nervous. I've always loved the water and hanging out in the swimming pool, but this was different. I was taking lessons at the IUPUI Natatorium, and it was the biggest pool I'd ever seen. The water was deeper than I was tall and the thought of being in the middle of the pool without a life jacket made my stomach turn a bit. I remember hearing a voice I didn't recognize calling my name and asking me to step into the water. I was hesitant to let go of my Mom's hand, but I mustered up the courage...and the rest was history. I learned so much about my body's ability in the water and how powerful I was. It was a turning point in my confidence, one that I knew my children could benefit from.

We started at Goldfish Swim School in 2015 with our son, Roman. He was 5 and not afraid of the water one bit. For peace of mind, we knew he needed lessons and found a new swim school that popped up by our home #watersafety. Just as I suspected, Roman was incredibly nervous, but his teacher was determined to put him at ease. For almost a year, we watched Roman gain confidence in his ability to move throughout the water. He was always nervous about putting his head under water and floating no his back. Goldfish Swim School really helped him overcome that fear. Ultimately, we learned a lot that year about Roman's attention span for doing much of anything (let alone swimming lessons), so eventually, we decided to regroup and come back to lessons when he was more comfortable. Sometimes you have to pick your battles, right Moms? Fast forward to 2018, and our 4-year-old daughter Olivia was showing signs of what we now call "swim lesson readiness", as in she probably won't throw a huge fit and freak out while in the water "readiness". Of course, back to Goldfish Swim School we went, hoping for a positive experience. The verdict: Olivia was beyond ready and excited. This was her time to shine. 

What You'll Need:

  • Swimsuit
  • Goggles (They have extra pairs if you forget or haven't bought them yet)
  • Towel
  • Swim Bag (provided by Goldfish when you sign up!)
  • Swim Cap (if your kid has as much hair as mine)
  • Change of dry clothes

Olivia loves going to swim lessons. She is gaining great strength and confidence in the water. Her progress was undeniable, and we quickly realized swim lessons were a great move for celebrating her growth. The best part: she is swimming without a life jacket in the pool this Summer! She tells us how it makes her so proud to be a strong swimmer, and we owe it all to Goldfish Swim School. Roman has even started lessons again after watching Olivia have the time of her life at Goldfish. Here's to several more sessions that lead to a major confidence boost!

For more information on starting your child's #watersafety journey, visit the Goldfish Swim School website.

Enjoy Today!





Sierra Holmes