#LoveFishers Series: Brunch So Hard: 3 Spots You Must Visit


**This post is sponsored by The Nickel Plate District, though all opinions are my own.

Brunching: It's all the rage. People all over are spending an endless amount of time sipping Bloody Mary's and mimosas while they try out the latest culinary fusions of breakfast and lunch. Truth be told, I'm writing this as I sit satisfied from a full day of doing just that in one of my favorite cities: Fishers. Actually, I was Brunch-hopping. Yes, you read that right...I went to more than one place...and it was magical. Mimosas anyone?

First Stop: Pure Eatery

What I love:  The Not-So-Stuffy Atmosphere and Fun Twist on Breakfast

I frequent Pure Eatery for lunch quite a bit, but I've never stopped by for brunch. Today, I realized that was a huge miss. I love the vibe of this place; it's laid back, yet hip. Our food really stole the show. I ordered the Sarah's Cristo (a house favorite) and my gal pal got the "do 317" burrito, a great mix of southwestern flavors. Pure Eatery didn't disappoint. From the brioche bread to the savory turkey and ham, this Sarah's Cristo sandwich was a Brunchers dream. Did I mention it was served with a side of syrup? Simply delicious.

One of the best things about Brunching is enjoying a little day drinking with your friends. We tried the pineapple and cran-orange mimosas. That alone was reason to come back in. We're setting another date.

Next Up: Louvinos Fishers

What I Love: The Amazingly "Instagram Worthy" Food that Actually Tastes Good

Known for their small plate style dining, it's best to go with a friend who doesn't mind trying a few options. Their Brunch menu draws quite the crowd. Upon entering the space, you could feel the positive energy, and with good reason. On Fridays-Sundays, Louvino does a $2 mimosa special. Who could be mad at brunch with $2 Mimosas? And the food? Really good. Like, I wanted a GIANT plate of these chicken biscuits good.

Last, but not least: Another Broken Egg Cafe Fishers

What I Love: Their Southern Inspired Dishes and Location

With a great location right in the heart of The Nickel Plate District (and right next door to Louvino), Another Broken Egg Cafe has something for everyone. From grits to Eggs Benedict, get ready to "brunch so hard" at this restaurant. I recommend the chicken and waffles for ANYONE. They were so good! Pro Tip: Definitely not a place to visit in a rush, making it an ultimate brunch haven. Did I mention the wide variety of drinks at their bar? Take a look for yourself...

So there you have it. One of the reasons I #Lovefishers is the foodie life that's developing around the city. I cannot wait to see what's to come with the addition of The Yard coming in 2019! Let's meet up for Brunch! 

Enjoy Today!